Tibet Yuthog Health Products Co., Ltd was established in 1997, is a state-owned enterprise, professional engaged in Tibetan health care product research, development, production, sales, and has import and export license. In order to become a bigger and stronger company. Push the Tibet excellent healthy products to be known to the whole country and benefit to consumers. In 2014,approved by authority ,The Tibet Ganlu Tibetan Medicine Limited Company in charge of Tibet Yuthog Health Products Co., Ltd's production ,operation and management. The Tibet GanLu Tibetan Medicine Limited Company is China’s the largest, the oldest and the most powerful technology of traditional Tibetan medicine manufacturer. On 12th,November 2004, the company of “Ganlu” trademark was identified as “China well-known trademark", by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce.

  Tibet Yuthog Healthy Products Co., Ltd 's operation policy is “Make the magic Tibetan medicine and the unique natural resources of Tibet be know by the domestic and oversea ,establish a real Tibet healthy product brand." Tibet Yuthog Healthy Products Co., Ltd relies on the Tibet GanLu Tibetan Medicine Limited Company's rich production management experience and wide variety marketing channels, using of the Tibet area's abundant natural resources and unique Tibetan medicine health preserving theory. Tibet Yuthog Healthy Products Co., Ltd is based on high standards ,insist on market-orientation, always struggles to stand higher level in the industry, and focuses on people's better life, keeps providing high class Tibetan medicine health care products to the vast consumers.

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